The Astroparticule & Cosmologie (APC) laboratory invites applications for a postdoctoral position in cosmology. The successful candidate will collaborate with Dr. Eric Aubourg (PI of the AstroDeep ANR), Dr. Cécile Roucelle and Dr. Alexandre Boucaud on the development of cutting-edge probabilistic machine learning methods for measuring weak gravitational lensing. The successful candidate will join the AstroDeep team composed of experts in weak-lensing, statistics, Bayesian neural networks and other related fields, with connections to academic research teams with similar interests in the US, and with the TensorFlow Probability development team. The objective of this postdoctoral research is to develop Bayesian deep learning methods that will be applied to image processing methods to compute weak-lensing observables for the upcoming large scale cosmological surveys Euclid and Rubin/LSST, with a proper treatment of epistemic and aleatoric uncertainties. These methods shall be tested on simulations and existing public data (HST, DES, HSC). To that end, the successful candidate will have the opportunity to join the Rubin/LSST and Euclid consortia.

The candidate should hold a PhD in either mathematics, computer science, physics/astrophysics or engineering. Candidates with either a scientific or technical background are welcome to apply. Prior experience in machine learning and Bayesian statistics would be an asset. Our group is committed to diversity and equality, and encourage applications from women and underrepresented minorities. We support a flexible and family-friendly work environment. The position includes an internationally competitive salary and generous travel budget. French language skills are not required. Applicants should send a CV and research statement, and arrange for three reference letters to be sent to the contact email address above, before the application deadline.

Benefits for this position include retirement, health care, parental leave, vacation and sick days, subsidized meals, discount for public transport, sport and culture, French language classes.

APC, located in Paris center (France), in a building of Université de Paris, is a multidisciplinary lab with researchers working in five main groups: cosmology, high energy astrophysics, gravitational waves, neutrinos and theory. The candidate will join the cosmology group which has been involved for several years in the preparation of the data processing of both Euclid and Rubin, and whose main research topics are weak lensing, galaxy clustering, and the cosmic microwave background.

Job location

Laboratoire APC
Université de Paris - Bâtiment Condorcet
10 rue Alice Domon et Léonie Duquet
75013 Paris, France